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The Queen of the Dawn Part I


I just posted Part I of a new original fic called The Queen of the Dawn.

It's a scary fairy tale inspired by Arthurian legends and other medieval European folklore, the poem "Tithonus" (1859) by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, as well as the ancient greek myth about the goddess of the dawn, Eos, and her mortal lover Prince Tithonus of Troy, and my addiction to George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire and HBO's Game of Thrones. (Can't wait for Season 3!)

Here's an excerpt:

“The strike will not kill you.” The vicious beauty of the Queen’s stare and the rending music of her voice sharpened the pain. The prince felt his chest splitting apart. “You will fill with longing for what you cannot have,” she intoned. “You shall have no rest, no succor, until you enter our realm that drifts off the edge of the world.”

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