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The Fantasy Genre

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The Edge of Imagination
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Greetings, weary traveler, and welcome to our humble community, encompassing readers, viewers, writers, and illustrators of fantasy.

We take fantasy to mean stories set in our world made possible by a shift in perception, or those set in a secondary world, such as J.R.R. Tolkien's Arda. Beyond heroes, heroines, wizards, dragons and easily misplaced items of unimaginable power, fantasy chronicles capricious deities and pocket-sized demons, moving castles and brave appliances, swarthy pirates and amiable ogres - above all, those who convey human truths in impossible circumstances.

Our discussions mainly concern published works of fantasy - old and new - and the various aspects of these, such as their styles, themes, stories and character development. Members are also invited to pen reviews and make recommendations, create guessing games, inquire, reply, and charge their imaginations. You're more than welcome to join us.

Current members and those joining must be mindful of our rules!

Thanks to karenjeane for the intro.


1. This is a community dedicated to the genre of fantasy, whether it be books, art, authors, themes, styles and other related topics. All posts should have some relation to fantasy.

2. While debate and discussion is encouraged, observe common posting etiquette. Insulting posts and comments, flames, name calling, trolling and generally combative behavior will not be tolerated.

3. All posts should have proper spelling and grammar. We're not too strict about it as long as readers do not have to struggle to understand what is being said.

4. Any large images or long posts should be LJ-cut to be courteous to the readers. Any links should have something written about them. Nobody likes clicking into the abyss.

5. While there are many talented writers here, this community focuses more on the discussion of fantasy and fantasy topics, not the publishing of fiction. There are plenty of communities and websites dedicated to fiction that will gladly accept your story.

The moderator may use his own judgment on issues not explicitly covered by the rules. Failure to abide by the moderator's instructions or any of these rules will lead to post deletion, and repeat offenders will be banned.

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