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Crown of Midnight.

Hello people!

Yes so, I'm going to say my opinion about a book. This has never happened before... I think. well well.

So I have read ''Crown of Midnight''(sorry if I spell wrong) by Sarah J.Maas. She's an amazing writer, just amazing. This book is the second in a series(Ido not know how many it will be, 3?). I love her books(have only read 2) and she is the author that made me love to read. I really, really hated to read before her books!

I don't want to spoil anyone that haven't read the books and maybe want to after my little post(I hope somebody those).

Lets talk about the ending first(i know bad idea). I loved, hated, and cried at the ending. OMG! It was so beautiful, nail-biting, sad, horrible and why the **** isn't the next book out yet?! I need it NOW.
I got put of track there sorry... sorry. Well back to the point, the ending was really unexpected for me but a really good ending because you now want to read the next book... cliffhanger.(a big one)

All the things you want to happen after you read the first book happens and almost all the things you don't want to happen do to.

She's a amazing writer, you get dragged in to the story at the first page. and you are with it to the end. I love Sarah's books and how she writes. I could easily get a picture it my head when she describe all from feelings, surroundings to people. toy really are a part of the story when you read it.

I really recommend the books for anyone that like fantasy, mystery, a little bit of horror to romance.


(the first book ''Throne of Glass'')
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